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Legacy/Complete Package Class - Ft. Collins, CO

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Ft. Collins Course Information

Course Host: Andrew Brattain

Main Location: Great Guns Sporting 16126 Co Rd. Nunn, CO

Reduced Light Program Location: Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply 3507 E. Mulberry St. Fort Collins, CO

Dates: September 26-30, 2022: Lock down/no refund date is June 26,2022

Range fees:
Great Guns Sporting = $90.00
Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply = $25.00
Total for Week = $115.00
Fees include use of classroom at both facilities

Maximum Enrollment is 16 students.

Nearest hotel to Great Guns Sporting: Quality Inn & Suites 7860 6th St. Wellington, CO. An internet search of the area should offer additional options.

Sold Out! Email to be added to waiting list.

NOTE FROM DAVE: Tuition is not refundable THREE MONTHS prior to the course date. This is due to the logistics required for a replacement student to arrange a week off as well as travel and funding. This is not the same as a two-day, weekend course. Exceptions (which must be extreme in reason) will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If you don’t know for sure, do not enroll!

A quality semi-auto pistol (a spare is not a bad idea), a quality duty (if uniformed law enforcement) or concealment holster (hip or AIWB accepted) for same, three magazines with pouches, belt designed to support gear, 1,250 rounds MINIMUM, eye and ear protection, billed cap, 2 inert training/"dummy" rounds, clothing for weather conditions, water for hydration, snacks/food, a folding or camp chair, a concealing garment is required as you should train as you fight. Any personal gear you prefer. If questions, contact

A personal note: Whereas I will more than likely teach classes here and there in the future, 2021 was the final year for Handgun Combatives as an organized training business with a yearly weekend training schedule. THANK YOU to all of our wonderful students over the years. As I wrap this up, one of the things I have always wanted to do was teach a single course with all of the Handgun Combatives two-day courses rolled into one. This is what we have decided to do for 2022. We are calling it “The Legacy/Complete Package Program” and it will incorporate the primary lessons learned from Combative Pistol, Kinetic Combat Pistol, Adaptive Combat Pistol, Concealed Pistol and Reduced Light Combative Pistol. We will also include our Developing the Combative Mind lecture…all in one week long program!

The course will include the following:

  • Developing the combat state of mind
  • The “essentials” of combative pistolcraft to include grip, trigger, body position, holster skills (both hip and AIWB), reloading, clearing stoppages…all of the things required to “keep the gun running” in a fight. Emphasis is on efficiency and proper movement
  • Concealed garment removal techniques
  • Fouled hands drills
  • Combative pistol standards
  • Movement with purpose to include forward, rearward and lateral
  • One hand shooting and manipulation
  • Unconventional shooting positions
  • Varied distance shooting
  • Use of cover/concealment, proper angle engagement and use
  • Working in an inconsistent light environment
  • Do “classic” flashlight positions really work? A review.
  • Weapon mounted lights
  • ALL of the Handgun Combatives drills as seen on You Tube and how they apply
  • Much, much more!

These two courses will be held on the eastern AND western side of the United States to allow access to most everyone. The eastern location will be held in Dayton, Ohio on June 13-17, 2022. The western location is Ft. Collins, CO. on September 26-30, 2022. There will be two evening programs. The cost of the week- long (46 hours) program is $1,300.00 which does not include range fees. Please take note of the refund policy above.