Handgun Combatives G43 EDC Holster

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Do you prefer to conceal carry a Glock 43 concealed but don't like the uncomfortable feel of traditional IWB holsters?  Then the Handgun Combatives G43 EDC holster is just what you've been waiting for!  This holster is an outside the waistband kydex rig with lots of functionality in a small package.  Having been involved in countless designs and writing hundreds of reviews on holsters; Dave leveraged his 30+ years of industry knowledge to design the perfect Glock G43 OWB holster.

The G43 EDC Holster has been skeletonized to reduce excess imprinting and increase comfortability.  Given the angles on the edges of the holster, it will sit close to the body.  This allows for the holster to function as an excellent range rig or use as an EDC OWB rig. 
The holster features 1.5” belt tunnel loops that can be adjusted in the front to change the cant of the holster.  This allows for flexibility of placement while maintaining retention on the belt.  The holster is created from a custom CNC machined mold and then vacuum formed to create consistent unmatched quality.  This will allow for positive retention as well as a clean holster break when drawing your weapon. 
Do not accept imitations! This is the OFFICIAL Handgun Combatives holster available ONLY on the HC store! Click the buy now button to order the official holster of Handgun Combatives!