Handgun Combatives Nexbelt

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Introducing the the Handgun Combatives logoed EDC Gun Belt by Nexbelt! This belt features the classic beveled matte black buckle with etched corner and EDC clasp.

Nexbelt utilizes the PreciseFit Technology where the belt can be cut to size and allows for 1/4" adjustments using their ratcheting system.  The belt has no holes and provides a sleek EDC look. 

The belt can be easily taken off using their quick release lever located on the bottom of the buckle. 

The EDC Gun Belt is perfect for concealed carry or for use as a range belt.  The belts are manufactured with high density nylon using an advanced composite of ultra fine polyester for extra stiffness and durability. 

The Nexbelt can be cut to size, up to 50".