Vickers Tactical Grip Plug/Takedown Tool for GEN4 and 5 Glock, Black

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TangoDown® is pleased to release the Vickers Tactical™ grip tool for Gen4 Glock’s, the GGT-02.

Possessing all of the features of the original GGT-01 Gen3 grip tool, the GGT-02 allows the use of Gen4 factory Glock™ pistol frame back straps.

The GGT-02 consists of 3 parts, a base insert and 2 tools.  Simply snap the insert into the pistol frame cavity, and select the tool you choose to carry.  One is for use WITH the back straps, and one is for use WITHOUT.  Installation is THAT simple and secure.

For Glock™ Gen4 models (Also fits Gen 5 models 17 & 19) NOT FOR Gen3

17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32, 34, 35