C.A.T. 4.5 Connector

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C.A.T 4.5 Trigger connector for all GLOCK's Gens 1-5 - Not for the G42 or G43. 

This is a semidrop-in 4.5 TCT connector that will eliminate most of the accuracy robbing over-travel that all Glock pistols have. This will shorten the Action and reset faster than stock. Some Glock's may require the shortening of the tab, function without the need of trimming in 99% of all Glock's tested.

This 4.5lb Semi-Drop-In Combatives Application Trigger (CAT) connector, was inspired by Handgun Combatives founder and world renowned firearms instructor Dave Spaulding to offer a smooth trigger action insuring the muzzle stays on target during a critical stress, pandemonium filled fight. The Ghost C.A.T. gives you cat like response to the lethal situations. Why a semi Drop-In? Dave decided that the fastest and safest way was to manufacture a patented Trigger Control Connector that offered the advantages of a custom fitted trigger without the expense of gunsmith services and related down time. The C.A.T. gives a custom feel with less over-travel than a drop-in due to the pre-cut trigger control tab. Short initial action combined with reduced over-travel results in the best drop-in combatives trigger available.