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Handgun Combatives Book - 2nd Edition

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The much anticipated follow-up to the best selling 1st Edition! Handgun Combatives 2nd Edition by Dave Spaulding

"One of the most sought-after training references in existence today." -Director Chuck Humes, Jr.

Extremely popular and hailed by trainers and officers nationwide as one of the most realistic, all-encompassing firearms guides ever published. Handgun Combatives overflows with the street-proven wisdom and priceless advice of prominent gun expert Dave Spaulding. Includes insight into weapon, ammo & holster selection, grip tips for better weapon retention, increasing accuracy, skillful firearms use in challenging settings, preparing for quick response and peak performance, and training for weak hand shooting. No officer should be without this book... period.

Softcover, 6" x 9", 234 pgs

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