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Ameriglo sight set with green tritium lamp, square outline front and serrated rear for Glocks Gen 5. Designed using highly visible front and subdued rear for rapid sight acquisition. 

The enhanced rear sight now offers a serrated 90 degree angle on the forward (muzzle) side to better "grab" the edge of a belt or holster. It is best used by hooking the sight on to a solid edge, locking the wrist which will cam the muzzle outward and opening the top of the ejection port for more reliable removal of a trapped cartridge case.

.140"w and .180"h front, black serrated rear .256".

Also available in orange.  Colors may differ slightly from pictures due to screen display settings. These are designed to be a POA/POI sight set. Ammo type, eye sight, distance, etc may affect this. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is the same sight set as the Enhanced Glock CAP Sights but with a taller front sight. Glock uses a different barrel in the Gen 5 pistol which alters the point of impact. Ameriglo recommends this sight set for 5th Gen Glocks. Any additional questions can be directed to Ameriglo. https://ameriglo.com/pages/contact-us